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Programs & Curriculum

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Our curriculum meets all educational requirements for national certification examination and state licensure as a massage therapist.
Subjects taught in our 650 hour certification program and the number of classroom hours devoted to each is as follows:

 “Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage” (250 hrs.)

 history, requirements for practice, equipment & products,   sanitary and safety practices, effects, benefits, indications,   contraindications, client consultation and full body massage.

10 hrs research, 40 hrs. Unsupervised, 60 hrs. Supervised related work required.

 Human Anatomy & Physiology (125 hrs.)

40 hrs. Myology,

24 hrs. Osteology

17 hrs. Circulatory system

18 hrs. Nervous system

* the remaining hours dedicated to the other body systems.

 Applied Kinesiology (52 hrs)

Basic stretches and exercise for self care review of muscle attachments and actions, stretches for each group, projects assigned for each group to create treatment plans incorporating stretches for clients with functional limitations, joint mobility

 Clinical Pathology (48 hrs.)

infectious diseases and contraindications most commonly encountered by the massage therapist.  8 hrs. research required.

 Specialized Massage  (124 hrs.)

  *40 hrs. supervised related work or event participation required

    Chair  Massage~seated (24 hrs.)  setup, routines and treatments.

    Deep Tissue (60 hrs.) theory and practice of deep tissue massage.

    Myotherapy (24 hrs.) theory and practice of myotherapy and myofascial release.

    Sports Massage (16 hrs.) sports massage applications.

 Business (23 hrs.)

Business planning, office management, bookkeeping and marketing. 8 hrs. research required.

An important focus for students preparing for a career in massage therapy is the business aspect of the profession.

Massage Therapy Institute will provide students with essential information to help them smoothly transfer from student to

professional massage therapist, whether they plan to open their own practice, become an independent contractor,

or work as an employee in a medical facility, spa, fitness club, or other health-related setting.

 Ethics (12 hrs.)

includes 4 hrs. Alabama Law.

 First Aid & CPR (8 hrs)

 MBLEX (Massage and Bodywork Licensing exam) Prep. (8 hrs.)

Enrollment is limited, so each student receives individual attention.
Students are graded by written and practical examinations and must achieve a minimum average of 75% to graduate.

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